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Living and working during the silly season!

It’s that time of year; the festive season is upon us. Nurses, midwives and students are often busy at work and home. It can be helpful to find strategies that aid you during this busy time, so you reach January happy and healthy

Feeling stressed? You aren’t alone

Stressed nurse
Kayla slipped her deep blue scrub shirt over her Adidas singlet and stepped into the corridor of the Emergency department (ED). The lights were bright, the floor was clean. She was nervous.

Nurse & Midwife Support on the road

Since the launch of the service earlier this year, I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of inspiring nurses, midwives and students across Australia. It has been a privilege hearing tales of struggle, courage and triumph.

Meditation and mindfulness

Dianne has been nursing for over 40 years. She has told us about the personal benefits she has experienced from developing a regular meditation practice.

Nursing a diverse career!

For International Nurses Day 2017 we want to acknowledge the hard work of nurses and the diversity of the roles they work in, here in Australia and across the world.

What is it like being a midwife?

Being a midwife is more than just “push, push, push”. The original meaning of the word midwife is to be “with woman” and wherever women are, a midwife is close behind.

Road show launch

We are busy preparing for our first round of road show visits and cannot wait to meet all the wonderful nurses, midwives and students across the country.