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Your health matters

A 24/7 national support service for nurses & midwives providing access to confidential advice and referral.

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Nurse & Midwife Support is here for all nurses and midwives, nursing and midwifery students, employers, educators and concerned family and friends. We provide confidential advice and referral, promote better health for nurses, midwives and students, and safer care for the public.
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Experiencing professional burnout

Jack* is an Associate Nurse Unit Manager in a busy critical care unit, who lives and breathes his job. This is the story of his burnout and recovery.
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Associate Nurse Unit Manager

Managers need support too!

Alison* is a midwifery manager, in a metropolitan hospital. This is her story of managing a difficult staffing situation.
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Midwifery manager
News & events

Living and working during the silly season!

It’s that time of year; the festive season is upon us. Nurses, midwives and students are often busy at work and home. It can be helpful to find strategies that aid you during this busy time, so you reach January happy and healthy

Feeling stressed? You aren’t alone

Stressed nurse
Kayla slipped her deep blue scrub shirt over her Adidas singlet and stepped into the corridor of the Emergency department (ED). The lights were bright, the floor was clean. She was nervous.